Chance Raspberry's NEW ALBUM is officially on PRE-SALE!

Old Souls...Young Hearts is a power-packed shred fest of ultra-melodic insanity that combines the heart, speed, and melody of '90s Skatepunk with the epic triumph and intricacy of '80s Heavy Metal! With tempos ranging from a heart-pounding, gear-shredding 210 bpm to a power-ballady 145 bpm, the album's
14-song track list (including 4 Bonus Tracks) offers something for everyone as the most diverse CR release yet.

CDs, USBs, MP3s, and Lossless WAV downloads are available right now for just $10 - $20. All pre-sale funds will go directly to Thin Ice Studio's Karl Groom (engineer behind the DragonForce discography) for mixing and mastering! This one's gonna be EPIC, guys, so please pre-order/pledge what you can and help spread the word!!


Chance Raspberry is now on BANDCAMP.COM!!!
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Just in time to kick off Summer Vacation, Ariel, the fastest Chance Raspberry single yet, is OUT NOW on iTunes and Amazon!! Inspired by Disney's "The Little Mermaid", life in L.A., and the rising pop star, Traci Hines, this heartfelt shredder goes out to all lovers of animation, nostalgia, and fantasy. Blast it everywhere and re-embrace our generation's epic feature that sparked the 1980s Disney comeback!!!

The Chance Raspberry Facebook Band Page is officially ONLINE!! Thanks for being patient on this one, guys, and for all your awesome support. For new music, merch, album updates, and the latest on all my melodic adventures, the Fan Page has it all! Check it out now and "Like" us if you dig Chance Raspberry or Jacuzzi Fiend!! Need another reason? I got a brand new shredder in the works for all you Disney-lovers, so check back soon, stay tuned, and THANKS A MILLION!!!

Welcome to the all-new!!! Formerly, the site has been completely renovated to streamline and maximize your experience. To all those who fear change, however, rest assured this new site will remain the official online headquarters for both bands! This update represents "Phase 1" of the OLD SOULS...YOUNG HEARTS countdown, and is brought to you in celebration of my latest release, Nightshade, NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes and Amazon!!

Chasing The Sunset, the second single from the forthcoming 2012 release, OLD SOULS...YOUNG HEARTS is NOW AVAILABLE for your listening pleasure, and can be downloaded from iTunes and Amazon!!!

We will be announcing the new album's official release date soon! In the meantime, the next CR single, Chasing The Sunset has just hit its final stage of production, and will soon be available online. This one's for the speed demons...we hope you still like it fast!

Due to recent circumstances, it is no longer possible for all JF band members to participate in the production of the new LP. Therefore, out of respect to the one and only Jacuzzi Fiend, the upcoming album, OLD SOULS...YOUNG HEARTS will now be exclusively released by Chance Raspberry. We apologize for the confusion and greatly appreciate your understanding and support. That said, this album picks up right where Jacuzzi Fiend left off, and embodies what we feel is our most epic and diverse release yet!

The digitally restored re-issue of Jacuzzi Fiend's debut EP, Good Enough is NOW AVAILABLE in the Store! More news, jams, and jollies on the way!! Stay tuned!!!

Jacuzzi Fiend goes INTERNATIONAL!!! In addition to worldwide exposure on's hit series, "The Grind" Episode 81: Back From The Dead, we have just signed a limited distribution deal with Fast Circle Records in Japan!! To kick off these exciting events, our limited-time Promo EP "Extreme Skatepunk...with a Twist" is available online for FREE. Enjoy!

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